Kid's Crafts

Moon Sand

Every year after the school year ends, my mom throws my sons, nephews, and niece an “after school party”. The kids all look forward to it every year, and get excited to see what activities and games grandma has planned for them. This year, my mom did several water games. It has been very warm here, so she wanted the kids (and adults!) to keep cool while having fun. She had a “throw the sponge through the ladder game” that we all loved. She used the different rungs on the ladder as different point structures. The highest rung was 60 points, the next was 50 points, on down to 10 points. We did three rounds, and kept score for each person. Mom beat us all with 570 points! It was nice to get wet, and even the littlest guys could throw the sponges through really well.

We used chalk to keep our scores for the sponge toss.

She also had the kids do a Silly String War! The kids loved chasing each other around and spraying everyone and everything. They even took the used silly string, wadded it in balls, and played catch with it. Next was Shaving Cream Balloons. Mom filled up water balloons with shaving cream and tied them to a rope. She blindfolded us and had us swing a bat and bust the balloons. Let’s just say that when a balloon pops, shaving cream goes everywhere! There was much laughing and giggling at watching each other trying to hit the balloons, and watching the shaving cream plaster all over everyone. With the leftover shaving cream balloons, we ran a relay race. We put the balloons on a spoon, and ran to the next person who then ran across to the next waiting person. When the balloons accidentally fell they exploded all over the person who dropped them. It was so much fun! Of course, we also had to have a few balloons filled with water. You can’t have water balloons without filling some up for a water fight! Lastly, we set up the slip and slide and little kid wading pool to enjoy cooling off for the hottest part of the day. It was so nice to cool off, and relax in the pool!

While the kids were warming up from being in the water, we had them play with moon sand. I made up a batch the day before, and we put in a few toys such as shovels and diggers. They loved shaping the sand and digging in it. It is so easy to make, and it lasts for quite awhile in a sealed container. If you don’t want such a big batch, it’s easy to half. I found this recipe on a blog. Here is the link to the original post:

My oldest son had fun playing with the different tools in the sand!


  • 8 cups flour
  • 1 cup baby oil

Put the flour and oil in a mixing bowl, and mix with a dough hook. Make sure it’s all combined. We mixed ours for about 5 minutes straight to get all the oil incorporated into the flour.

That’s it! It’s as easy as that!

We put it into a large tub so he could reach in and dig, drive his trucks, & make shapes easily.



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