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10 Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

I absolutely love this time of year. I love all the lights, all the Christmas trees, spending time with family, and watching my kids’ faces as they discover all the things Christmas time brings. My oldest loves listening to Christmas songs and seeing all the lights. Every time we turn on the lights on the Christmas tree, he gasps and gets so excited! I love it! This morning, it snowed for the first time this winter. My oldest was ready to run outside and play. He loved being able to hold his hand out and feel the snow on his hand, giggling as it melted. We rushed into the boys’ room to show my youngest the snow. My youngest lit up! He kept pointing at the big snowflakes coming down and signing the word for “snow”. It’s moments like these that makes me love this season. There is however, one part of Christmas time that I don’t necessarily look forward to. Most parents will most likely agree with me on this. It can be very difficult to buy gifts for kids that aren’t toys. Toys are fun gifts to give, but at the same time I often want to give a gift that isn’t a toy so that our kiddos aren’t being overloaded with toys. I’ve been thinking of a few ideas that would be good gifts that are not toys, and thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

  1. Books. I love books! I am a former librarian’s daughter, so I think it’s ingrained in me. My husband and I have passed our love for books on to our boys. The boys enjoy sitting on our laps reading books. Plus, it’s good snuggle/family time. A bonus to people other than my husband and I buying the boys books is we get to see what books others are fond of.
  2. Favorite Foods or Snacks. My boys think it is fun to receive their favorite foods or snacks as a gift because then only they can eat their special food. Our kiddos don’t get sugar very often so for them to be gifted Pop-Tarts, Lucky Charms (or any other sugar cereal), danishes, etc. are such a special treat for them. For younger ones Puffs, toddler cookies, Applesauce pouches, etc. would be good.
  3. An Experience. There are so many options for an experience that you can give as a gift.
    *Tickets to the zoo
    *Museum Pass
    *Day at a Fun Area (Theme park, water park, Chuck E. Cheese)
    *Day at a Kid’s Play area (we have a local one called Kidzplex. Here is their site:
    *Day at the Pool or Splash Pad (a yearly pass to either of these would be great too!)
    *Ice Skating
    *Roller Skating Rink
  4. “Date Night” with your kiddo. (Dinner & a movie, ice cream, coffee, mani/pedis)
  5. Attending a sporting event. (Tickets to a Pro game such as baseball, football, hockey, or soccer)
  6. Day of playing their favorite sport with them. We did this with my oldest nephew. He loves baseball, so we all played a game of baseball. Even the grandparents joined in. It was so much fun!
  7. Their favorite hobby. If your kiddo likes to cook, maybe buy them a cookbook, baking mixes, and some fun kitchen gadgets. If he/she is into science, buying them a science kit would be a great idea. If camping is something they enjoy, you could go crazy with all the fun camping gear out there.
  8. Day Outdoors. Take your kids to the park, lake, ocean, on a hike, or whatever fits your area. Enjoy being out in nature together.
  9. Movie Day. Buy some snacks, make a fun lunch, gather some of your favorite movies, and spend your day together watching movies. Whenever we do this, we usually also have a “jammie day” where we hang out in our pj’s all day.
  10. Tickets to a once in a lifetime type experience. If an airshow will be in your area, buy tickets to that. If there is a Solar Event (meteor shower, eclipse, viewing of certain planets), plan a great night of looking to the heavens. Going on a trip to Disney would be such a wonderful surprise as well.

I hope this list helps you as much as making it helped me to think outside the box when buying gifts for kids. Leave a comment on your favorite non-toy gift ideas. I’d love to read what everyone else comes up with as well!




4 thoughts on “10 Non-Toy Gifts for Kids”

  1. I love the experiences idea. It gets expensive to do theme parks, etc. with more than a couple of kiddos. So then it’s extra special. Another fun idea is a gift card to their favorite restaurant and they get to spend it how they choose. Or to a coffee shop/ice cream parlor, etc. Something that would be considered a “treat” for them. My kids LOVE those as gifts.


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